Motorola Solutions Means Business


Ask us how we can can help you with a two-way radio solution that is designed to improve production and performance in your industry.

Conventional, Digital or Trunking solutions are available to provide you with the coverage, capacity, choice and capabilities that you need.
You require rugged reliability, clarity, coverage and performance over a wide range of conditions, which saves you time and money.
Two-way radio is the quickest and most efficient way to communicate with your team for:
  • Safety- Quick, everyone can be notified, closest people can respond to hazards or incidents. Can also be used in safety programs for “work alone check-in”.
  • Dispatch- Workers can be directed or updated while in the field and on the road, without having to return to the office. Keeps customers happy and saves un-necessary trips.
  • Parts & Help- Can be organized on the fly, saving travel time and costs, helping to keep downtime to a minimum.
  • No need to dial- Keep your eyes on the road, not as disruptive to work flow. No more distracted driving. 
  • Coverage- Communicate in locations where cellular coverage is sketchy or non-existent.
  • Clarity- Two-way radios work better in high noise environments. Motorola microphones are designed with noise cancelling features and the speakers are designed for clarity in industrial environments.

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